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15mo3 Plate

Do you need 15Mo3 Steel Plate from a trusted india's supplier? Here at Sambhav Pipe, we can help you find the perfect 1.5415 material to complete your project.


15mo3 Plate


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15mo3 plate


What is 15mo3 plate ?

The 15Mo3 Steel Plate material is a weldable steel which is particularly used in the fabrication of industrial boilers. They are also present in steel pressurized vessels that you would find in the chemical, gas, and oil industries. The 15mo3 Alloy Cr Plates have a good content of chromium and molybdenum, which is why they possess excellent corrosion and heat resistance properties. The Din 1.5415 Alloy Steel Plate is widely used for manufacturing pipes which are used in various energy-related applications. The Alloy Steel 15MO3 Plates are rolled at a very high temperature, above 1700 degrees F, which is above the material’s recrystallization temperature.


What is 15mo3 equivalent material ?

15mo3 material is used in applications with elevated temperatures like heat exchangers and pressure vessels, and they are equivalent to UNI5869 15Mo3 and EN10028 16Mo3, ASTM A204Gr.B and 15D3 (NFA 36205 ).


Benefits of 15MO3 Alloy Steel Plate

The 1.5415 material comes with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. The 15Mo3 Sheet is primarily used in elevated working temperatures, and the 15Mo3 Plate can be easily customized according to the requirements given by the clients.


What is Price of ASTM A204 Alloy Steel 15mo3 Plate in india?

The Price of ASTM A204 Alloy Steel 15mo3 Plate in India varies from one supplier to the other depending on a wide range of factors. The prices depend on the specific requirements of the client along with the shape and dimensions in question. The cost also varies with the quality of raw material used in the production process. Users should confirm the price of the product with the manufacturers before buying, as can also slightly vary with the quantity purchased.


15mo3 Plate Price
Description Price
15mo3 16mm Boiler Pressure Vessel Steel Plates US $ 500-910 / Ton
High Strength 15mo3 Boiler Steel Plates US $ 500-900 / Ton
15mo3 Alloy Steel Plates US $ 699-799 / Ton
Hot Rolled 15mo3 Boiler Pressure Vessel Steel Plates US $ 500-900 / Ton
15mo3 Alloy Steel Plates US $ 500-850 / Ton
Hot Rolled DIN Boiler Steel Plate 15mo3 US $ 500-700 / Ton
15mo3 2000mm Boiler Steel Plates US $ 500-850 / Ton


Specification of 15Mo3 Steel Plate
Specification ASTM A204 / ASME SA204
Grade 15MO3
Width 1500mm to 3500mm
Thickness 6mm to 100mm
Length 3000mm to 18000mm
Finish Cold rolled sheet (CR), Hot rolled plate (HR), 2D, 2B, SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated), BA NO(8)
Hardness Hard, Soft, Quarter Hard, Half Hard, Spring Hard etc.


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Most Frequently Used Types Of Din 1.5415 Plate
15Mo3 Steel Plate
15Mo3 Steel Plates
Din 1.5415 Alloy Steel Plate
Din 1.5415 Alloy Steel Plates
Alloy Steel 15MO3 Plates
Alloy Steel 15MO3 Plates
15Mo3 Sheet
15Mo3 Sheet
15mo3 Alloy Cr Plates
15mo3 Alloy Cr Plates
1.5415 Material
1.5415 Material


15mo3 Alloy Cr Plates Thickness
Dimension thickness is in inches
3.5 inch 0.032 inch 0.875 inch
4 inch 0.025 inch 0.75 inch
0.125 inch 0.04 inch 1.125 inch
0.109 inch 0.036 inch 1 inch
0.16 inch 0.05 inch 1.25 inch
0.25 inch 0.071 inch 1.75 inch
0.375 inch 0.09 inch 2.5 inch
0.19 inch 0.063 inch 1.5 inch
0.3125 inch 0.08 inch 2 inch
0.5 inch 0.095 inch 3 inch
0.625 inch 0.1 inch


Comparision of steel grades
15Mo3 DIN 17155 Number:1.5415 Comparision of steel grades
BS 1501 1503 - 243 B
NFA 36-205 15 D3
EN 10028-2 16 Mo 3
UNI 5869 15 Mo 3
ASTM A 204 Gr. B
UNE 36087 16 Mo 3
JIS G3115 -


15Mo3 Plates Weight Calculator

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Length (inches) =
Width (inches) =
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All are estimates; actual may differ.


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15MO3 Alloy Steel Plate Weight Chart
Plates Thickness
15.7 2.0 mm
12.6 1.6 mm
23.6 3 mm
19.6 2.5 mm
25.1 3.2 mm
39.3 5 mm
31.4 4 mm
47.1 6 mm
78.5 10 mm
62.8 8 mm
98.1 12.5 mm
157 20 mm
118 15 mm
177 22.5 mm
236 30 mm
196 25 mm
251 32 mm
314 40 mm
275 35 mm
353 45 mm
432 55 mm
393 50 mm
471 60 mm
550 70 mm
510 65 mm
589 75 mm
707 90 mm
628 80 mm
785 100 mm
942 120 mm
864 110 mm
1178 150 mm
1051 130 mm
1256 160 mm
1570 200 mm
1413 180
1963 250


Equivalent Material of 15Mo3 Sheet
15MO3 1.5415 EN 10028-2 JIS G3115 BS 1501


Alloy Steel 15MO3 Plate Size chart
Size (in mm) Size (in inches)
3.18mm .125 inch
4.75mm .187 inch
3.40mm .134 inch
7.92mm .312 inch
3.96mm .156 inch
6.35mm .250 inch
9.53mm .375 inch
12.7mm .500 inch
19.1mm .750 inch
22.2mm .875 inch
15.9mm .600 inch
28.6mm 1.125 inch
63.5mm 2.500 inch
38.1mm 1.500 inch
25.4mm 1 inch
76.2mm 3 inch
50.8mm 2 inch
31.8mm 1.250 inch
44.5mm 1.750 inch


We Have Delivered Our Materials In Below Countries
 10mm 15mo3 Hot Rolled Boiler Steel Plate
10mm 15mo3 Hot Rolled Boiler Steel Plates
Gong Kuan Trade Co., Ltd Taiwan
15MO3 Alloy Steel Plate
15MO3 Alloy Steel Plate
Nouryon, Netherland
ASTM A204 Alloy Steel 15M03 Sheet
ASTM A204 Alloy Steel 15M03 Sheet
Petro Pars Novin, Iran


We have one of the broadest range of 15MO3 Alloy Steel Plate at lowest possible price in india


1.5415 Material Chemical Composition
Grade Mn Mo C S Cu N Si Cr P Ni
15MO3 0.40- 0.90 0.25-
0.12-0.2 0.01 0.30 0.012 0.35 0.30 0.025 0.30


15mo3 Alloy Cr Plate Mechanical Properties
Grade Yield Strength(Mpa) Tensile Strength(Mpa) Elongation in 16 mm(%) Elongation in 100-150 mm(%) Max Thickness(mm)
15Mo3 220-275 440-590 24 19 250


Technical Requirements of 15mo3 Steel Plate
  • under EN 10160, ASTM A435, A577, A578 Ultrasonic test
  • under standard NACE MR-0175 (HIC+SSCC) Rolling
  • Low temperature impacting test
  • Cutting and welding, Shot blasting and Painting as per end user’s demands
  • under EN 10204 FORMAT 3.1/3.2 Issued Orginal Mill test certificate


Din 1.5415 Sheet Application
  • heat exchangers
  • furnaces
  • production of pressure vessels
  • parts of steam boilers
  • hot gas distributors
  • chemical equipment parts


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