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EN 10028-2 P355GH Steel Plate

Are you seeking for a P355gh Material Supplier in Mumbai, India? En 10028-2 Equivalent Material can be found online here.


EN 10028-2 P355GH Steel Plate


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P355GH Material Specification/ Mechanical Properties are accessible here , we are genuine P355GH Pressure Vessel Steel plate Suppliers in Mumbai who ship globally.


EN 10028-2 P355GH Steel Plate


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What is En 10028-2 Equivalent Astm

The En 10028-2 Equivalent Astm is ASTM A387.


What is P355gh Material Properties

The P355gh mechanical properties like tensile strength and yield strength depend on the thickness of the material. For example, when the thickness ranges between 16> to ≤40 mm, the min yield strength is 345 MPa, while the min tensile strength is between 510-650 MPa. Whereas, when the thickness is 40> to ≤60 mm, the min yield strength is 335 MPa, and the min tensile strength is between 460 - 580 MPa.


What is EN 10028-2 P355GH Steel Plate ?

The EN 10028-2 P355GH Steel Plate with grade P355GH has both alloy and non-alloy steels, with specific properties especially at elevated temperatures. The P355gh steel plate material is used in the manufacturing process of boilers, pipes which transport hot liquids, and pressure vessels. The EN10028-2 P355GH material needs to be heat treated under normalization.

They are customizable and their shape, size, and dimensions can be altered within range, according to the client’s specification. Manufacturers use highly experienced supervisors and state of the art technologies to produce EN10028 P355GH steel plate, so that they can have dimensional accuracy. Different types of tests like UT test, Impact test, etc., is performed on the EN10028-3 P355GH Pressure Vessel Steel Plates to ensure its functionality and safety of usage by clients of different industries.


P355gh Vs P355nh

P355gh can be defined as a non-alloyed steels that comes with specific properties at higher temperatures. It is preferred by fabricators of the welded pressure vessels, heat exchangers, etc., and they are engineered to work in services involving elevated temperatures.
P355nh is a fine grain steel which is normalized and weldable. This grade of steel is widely used in industries like chemical, power, petroleum, power station, and many more.


P355gh Vs S355j2

P355gh is a pressure vessel grade of steel which is extensively used in the petrochemical industry. They are ideal for good performance in elevated temperature conditions.
S355j2 is a low carbon manganese steel which is medium tensile. They are readily weldable and also have good impact resistance. It has similar machinability like that of a mild steel.


P355gh Equivalent Astm Material

Equivalent Grades in United Kingdom or England

BS 224 Gr.490

Equivalent Grades in Asia

Japan: JIS SPV355

Equivalent Grades in Europe

  • Germany : DIN/ Wnr 19Mn8
  • Finland : SFS Fe52BP / Fe52DP
  • Europe : EU / EN P355GH
  • Belgium : D52 -1,2
  • Italy : UNI Fe510-1-KW
  • France : AFNOR A52 CP
  • Spain : UNE A52RCI
  • Sweden: SS 2103

Equivalent Grades in the United States of America

 ASTM A516 Gr. 70 / ASTM A414 Gr. G /ASTM A537 CL1


P355gh Material Specification
Heat Treatment TMCP,AR, Q+T, N

6 – 150 mm


Up to 3 metres wide


Up to 12 metres long


Fe E355, D52-1,2, 19Mn8, A52 CP, Fe510-1-KW, SS 21,06,01, SPV355


Mill Test Reports Available as per EN 10204 3.1


Price of P355gh steel plate
Description Price
P355gh High Strength Pressure Vessel Plates US$ 750-1000 / Ton
P355gh Steel Plates US$ 600-1000 / Ton
P355gh Boiler and Pressure Vessel Plates US$ 650-850 / Ton
High Strength P355gh Boiler Plates US$ 500-900 / Ton
En10028 Boiler Plates P355gh  US$ 500-850 / Ton


Steel Plate EN10028-2 P355GH is available at a reasonable price as fully qualified stockholders and stockists. See P355gh Material Properties


Most Selling Types of P355gh Material
P355Gh Plate
P355Gh Plate
Steel Plate EN10028-2 P355GH
Steel Plate EN10028-2 P355GH
P355 Gh Steel Plate
P355 Gh Steel Plate
P355Gh Material
P355Gh Material
EN 10028-2 P355GH Steel Plate
EN 10028-2 P355GH Steel Plate
EN10028 P355GH Steel Plate
EN10028 P355GH Steel Plate


Sambhav Pipes is a well-known distributor of P355GH Steel Plate that complies with international specifications.


P355gh Vs P355nh
  • The chemical composition of the P355gh grade is slightly better than the P355nh grade.
  • The EN 10028-2: 2009 grade flat goods for use in special pressure purpose requirements specify P355gh with enhanced temperature qualities. Under the EN 10028-2: 2009 standard, P355nh is a fine grain normalized weldable steel flats.
  • The P355gh grade has a slightly higher tensile strength than the P355nh module.


EN10028-3 P355GH Pressure Vessel Steel Plates Sizes
  • Delivery Types : Quenched and Tempered, Normal and Tempered
  • Width : 2200 Millimeter, 2000 Millimeter, 2500 Millimeter
  • Thickness : 4 Millimetre to 80 Millimeter
  • Length: 8000 Millimeter to 12000 Millimeter


Steel Plate EN10028-2 P355GH Tolerances chart

Steel Plate EN10028-2 P355GH Tolerances chart


Know our markets and metals we are supplying for 20 years
P355gh Hot Rolled Boiler and Pressure Vessel Steel Plate
P355gh Hot Rolled Boiler and Pressure Vessel Plate
Braskem , Brazil
P355gh Alloy Structural Steel Plate
P355gh Alloy Structural Plate
AMG, Nigeria
En 10028-2 P355gh Steel Plate
En 10028-2 P355gh Plate
Pemex, Mexico


P355gh Vs S355j2
  • P355gh is a weldable high-temperature pressure vessel grade used in the boiler and petrochemical industries.
  • S355j2 is a low-manganese steels with excellent strength that is used in the building and machine sectors.


EN10028 P355GH steel plate Weight Chart

EN10028 P355GH steel plate Weight Chart


P355gh Material Dimensions
from _ to
in mm
from _ to
in mm
from _ to
in mm
from _ to
in mm
- -
- - 4.0 to 40.02 3,600
- -
- - 4.0 to 85.0 3,600
- -
- -
- - 4.0 to 65.0 3,300
- -
- - 4.0 to 85.0 3,600
- 4.0 to 85.0 3,300
- 4.0 to 50.0
- - 4.0 to 20.02


We can meet all of your EN 10028-2 P355GH Steel Plate needs. Here you may discover Chemical Composition /Mechanical Properties/Equivalent Astm.


EN10028 P355GH steel plate Chemical Composition


% by mass


% by mass

Chromium (Cr)


Nitrogen (N)


Molybdenum (Mo)


Copper (Cu)


Phosphorous (P) (max)


Manganese (Mn)

1.10 to 1.70

Aluminium (Al)


Sulphur (S) (max)


Silicon (Si)


Carbon (C)

0.10 to 0.22

Nickel (Ni)


Niobium (Nb)


Vanadium (Vi)


Titanium (Ti) (max)



P355gh Material Mechanical Properties
Thickness Yield Strength Tensile Strength  Elongation
Up to 16  Millimeter 510-650 MPa ≥335 MPa 20 minimum 
40 Millimeter to 60 Millimeter
≥335 MPa
16 Millimeter to 40 Millimeter
≥345 MPa
100 Millimeter to 150 Millimeter 480-630 MPa ≥295 MPa
60 Millimeter to 100 Millimeter 490-630 MPa ≥315 MPa
150 Millimeter to 250 Millimeter 470-630 MPa
≥280 MPa


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