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High Strength Steel Plate Supplier

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High Strength Steel Plate


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High Strength Steel Plate


Thing To Remember Before Buying Material
  • Always ask your supplier for proof of origin. At Sambhav Pipes, we supply material origin and MTC along with an estimate for the requested item, as well as information on our international clients to whom we have provided services.
  • Only buy from reputable and well-known suppliers; never buy from someone you've never heard of.
  • before buy check High Strength Plates thickness, sizes, and price per kg in India
  • Why buy any Chinese make when you can get Aperam made  Plates in India at dealer prices?


What is High Strength Steel Plate?

The High Tensile Steel Plates is one such plate made of steel which possesses high strength. They also come with improved formability and weldability. The High Yield Steel Plate shows good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and has enhanced properties compared to the conventional steel products. The High Yield Strength Steel Plate is in demand due to several reasons, like its structural section can easily be reduced by increasing the strength of the material.

This also helps reduce the fabrication and erection cost. Using the High Strength Stainless Steel Plate can also help reduce the size of any structural element and thus these plates can be used for developing aesthetically pleasing products. The strength of the High Strength Carbon Steel Plate can be increased by the addition of elements like carbon and manganese in its chemical composition, but this might impact the fabricability. The Ultra High Strength Steel Plate is light in weight and can be used in various industries like automobiles for production of trains, buses, trucks, and planes.


What are High Tensile Steel Plate Grades ?

The High Tensile Plate, as the name suggests, possesses high tensile strength ranging between 590 to 980 N/m2. Different types of High Tensile Steel Grades In India are available for clients to use for different purposes. They have a high weldability and come with guaranteed low temperature (-40 degrees C) toughness. By looking at the High Tensile Steel Grades Chart, one can easily notice that they are generally available with a very high thickness of over 100 mm.


What is High Tensile Steel Density ?

The High Tensile Steel possesses a yield strength ranging between 50,000 to 100,000 pounds/inch2.


High Strength Steel Plate Price
Description Price
JIS Standard Hot Rolled High-Strength Plates  US$ 750-1000 / Ton
High-Strength Low-Alloy Carbon Plates US $ 800 / Ton
High Strength Alloy Structure Plates US$ 800-900 / Ton
High Strength Structure Plates US$ 800-900 / Ton
High Strength Low Alloy Hot Rolled Iron Plates US$ 800-1000 / Ton
High Strength Plates for Construction US$ 600-850 / Ton
High-Strength Black Carbon Hot Rolled Plates for Building US$ 650-685 / Ton
Hot Rolled High-Strength Hr Ms 4 mm-20 mm Thickness Carbon Plates US$ 300-600 / Ton


Specification of High Yield Steel Plate
Specification High Tensile Plates
Production Hot-Rolled (HR), Cold-Rolled (CR)
Thickness: 3 MM to 250 MM
Width 1000 MM to 3000 MM
Lengths: up to 20 M


High Tensile Steel Grades In India
Grade Equivalent Grades
300M UNS K44220, ASTM A579, DIN 1.6928, ASTM A646, S-8844 Class 2, AMS 6419, MIL S-8844D, AMS 6417
4140 BS970 Part 3-1991 709M40, ASTM A29/29M 1991 4140, AS1444-1996 4140, EN19A, BS970-1955, SAE/AISI 4140
EN25  BS970-1955 EN25, Part 3-1991 BS970 826M31, AS1444-1996 X9931
4340 SAE/AISI 4340, BS970-1955, EN24, ASTM A29/29M 1991 4340, AS1444-1996 4340, BS970 Part 3-1991 817M40
EN26 AS1444-1996 4140, BS970-1955, EN19A, Part 3-1991 BS970 709M40, ASTM A29/29M 1991 4140, SAE/AISI 4140
4145H SAE J1268, UNS H41450, ASTM A304, API Spec 7


As Stockholder we have a huge inventory of High Strength Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Plate in virtually every size; call us for more information on available stock and current pricing.


Common Types of High Yield Strength Steel Plate


High Tensile Steel Density
water quenched 480 °C (900 °F), temper 855 °C (1570 °F) AISI 4130 7.85 G/CM³ 951
clear cast sheet (PMMA), Acrylic 1.16 G/CM³ 72
Steel, high strength alloy ASTM A514 7.8 G/CM³ 690


High Tensile Steel Sheet Classes For Hot-Dip Zinc Coating 
Classes Composition wt - %
Si Si + 2.5P P
Class 1 ≤0.030 ≤0.090
Class 2 ≤0.35
Class 3 0.14 ≤ Si ≤ .25 ≤0.035


Ht Steel Plate Strength Requirements
Grade Nominal Thickness t (milimeter)
Min. yield strength MPa, ReH
100 < t ≤ 150 3 ≤ t ≤ 50 50 < t ≤ 100
S550Q 490 550 530
S620Q 560 620 580
S460Q 400 460 440
S890Q 890 830
S960Q 960
S500Q 440 500 480
S690Q 630 690 650
  Tensile strength MPa, Rm
S690Q 710 to 900   760 to 930
S620Q 650 to 830   700 to 890
S500Q 540 to 720   590 to 770
S890Q 880 to 1100
S550Q 590 to 770   640 to 820
S460Q 500 to 670   550 to 720


High Yield Strength Plates Weight Calculator

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Length (inches) =
Width (inches) =
Thickness (inches) =
Weights (pounds) =

All are estimates; actual may differ.


Are you having trouble obtaining High Tensile Plate in the sizes you need? we can supply it in custom size, see High Tensile Steel Heat Treatment


High Yield Steel Plate Minimum Energy Values
Quality Test Temperature °C
-50 -40 -60 -20
M 40J
ML 27J
Q 30J
QL 30J
QL1 30J


High Tensile Steel Plates Heat Treatment
Treatment time & manner of cooling Temperature °C Heat Treatment
30 minutes in the furnace, with 2 minutes per millimetre thickness Cooling is gradual. 550 to 580 (target 560) Stress relieving


Advantages of High Tensile Plate
  • Environment
  • Architecture
  • Safety
  • Economy

20 years of Experience as a supplier of these materials in below mentioned locations
High Strength Galvanized Steel Plate
High Strength Galvanized Plates
Hydratight, Qatar
Hot Rolled High-Strength Carbon Steel Plate
Hot Rolled High-Strength Carbon Plates
Inpex Offshore, Malaysia
4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm High-Strength Steel Plate
4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm High-Strength Plates
Integra Petrochemicals Pte Ltd, Singapore


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High Tensile Steel Sheet Technical Parameters
Grade Standard
Q620(E, D), Q500(E, D), Q690(E, D), Q550(E, D), GB/T16270
12Mn, 16Mn 15MnV, 14MnNb, 15MnVN GB3274 to 88
Q345(E, C, A, D, B)≥ 102mm Q/WTB8 to 2000
Q295( B, A), GB/T1591 to 94
Q345( E, C, B, A, D) ≤100mm GB/T1591 to 94
St52 to 3, St44 to 3, St60 to 2, St50 to 2 , St70 to 2 DIN17100
SM490(B, A, C), SM490Y( B, A), SM520( C, B), SM570 JIS G3106
SS540, SS490 JIS G3101
StE380, StE355, StE315, , StE460, StE500, StE420 DIN17102
Q420(E, A, D, C, B) , Q390( E, A, D, C, B), Q460( C, E,D) GB/T1591 to 94
E460(DE,CC, D), E355(D, DE) ISO4950 to 2
A572M(Gr60, 42, 65, 50) A633M(C, E, A, D) ASTM
S275( JR, J0, J2G4, J2G4 ) S355(J2G3, J2G4, K2G4, J0, K2G3, JR) E360, E295, E335 EN10025
WH490LK(BB503), WH410LK(BB41BF) special purpose and condition
E460( D, DE, ), E420(D, DE), E550(D, DE) High to strength low to alloy (HSLA) ISO4950 to 3
WH60(B, A, C, E, D), WJX013 to 2001
S460NL, S460N, S420NL, S420N, S275NL, S355N, S275N, S355NL EN10113
WH80 WYJ002 to 2002
50( B, C, A, D, DEE, D, F) 43( E, D, A, C,BE), 55( EE, C, F) BS4360
WH70 WYJ060 to 2000
Fe430( C, B, A,D) Fe510( C, B,D) ISO630


Chemical Properties of High Strength Plate
S Cr P Al C Ni Si Mo Mn
0.005 max 1.50 max 0.0.20 max 0.015 max 0.20 max 2.0 max 0.80 max 0.70 max 1.70 max


High Yield Plate Mechanical Properties
Thickness milimeter Rm MPa Re MPa A %
< 50 770 – 940 690 14
> 50 ? 100 760 – 930 650 14
> 100 710 – 900 630 14


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