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P235GH plate

Supplier of cut-to-size EN 10028 1.0345 Material Sheets for both indoor and outdoor use. view P235gh Equivalent Astm Material


P235GH plate


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Sambhav Pipes is a major stockist of P 235 Gh Steel Plate in India. Find out all you need to know about P 235 Gh Chemical Composition/Price in India here.


P235GH plate


Thing To Remember Before Buying Material
  • Always ask your supplier for proof of origin. At Sambhav Pipes, we supply material origin and MTC along with an estimate for the requested item, as well as information on our international clients to whom we have provided services.
  • Why buy any Chinese make when you can get Aperam made Steel Plates in India at dealer prices?
  • Only buy from reputable and well-known suppliers; never buy from someone you've never heard of.
  • before buy check thickness, sizes, and price per kg in India


What is P235gh Equivalent Astm Material

Equivalent Astm Material is A285 Grade C.


What is P235GH Plate ?

The P235GH Plate material is a European specified steel, which are mainly used in heat exchangers, boilers, and pressure vessels. They show good performance in elevated temperature conditions, and the P235GH Steel Plate is primarily used by the fabricators of the equipment found in oil and gas, and petroleum industries. The P235gh material is a normalized carbon alloy steel, which can be customized as per the specific requirements of the client.

They have good mechanical properties, including high tensile and yield strength.  The P235GH Pressure vessel steel plate is available in different treated conditions in the market, including the normalized conditions. The EN 10028 P235GH material is also available in different forms and with different surface finishes, which are made as per the applications and also the request of the clients. They are available in different sizes and specifications.


P235gh Vs P265gh

Both have similar chemical composition, with lower carbon and higher manganese content. The P235gh material however has lower yield and tensile strength compared to the P265gh material. Thus, P265gh is used for applications that demand higher mechanical properties.


P235gh Vs S235Jr

this material is generally used in pipelines and various high pressure applications, whereas the S235Jr material is primarily used in pipelines and pressure equipment. The quality of P235gh is higher than that of the S235Jr material. P235gh is primarily used by the fabricators of the equipment found in oil and gas, and petroleum industries. Whereas, S235Jr is popularly used in the general construction and machinery.


P235gh Material Equivalent

Equivalent steel grade











SS 13,30,01



Grade 1

SPV 235


P235GH Steel Plate Price
Description Price
P235gh Steel Plates US$ 520-650 / Ton
DIN En 10028 Heat Resistant P235gh Boiler Vessel Plates US$ 650-950 / Ton
En P235gh Pressure Vessel Boiler Steel Plates
 US$ 640-1350 / Ton
P235gh HR Boiler Steel Plates US$ 520-900 / Ton
HR P235gh Steel Plates US$ 510-750 / Ton


Specification of P235GH Pressure vessel steel plates
Width: to 4,500 mm
Thickness: From 3 mm to 250 mm
Length: Up to 18,000 mm


European standards

EN 10207: 2005

EN 10028-2: 2009








We offer EN10028-2 P235GH Pressure vessel steel plate in stock in a variety of widths and thicknesses as a stockholder. See P235gh Material Equivalent for additional details.


list of 1.0345 Material Types
P235GH Plate
P235GH Plates
1.0345 Material
1.0345 Material
P235GH Steel Plate
P235GH Steel Plates
EN 10028 P235GH Plate
EN 10028 P235GH Plates
P235GH Pressure Vessel steel plate
P235GH Pressure Vessel steel plates
P 235 Gh Plate
P 235 Gh Plate


P235GH Steel Plate is available for purchase, as well as provide related processing services. must be viewed P235gh Boiler Steel Plate Sizes/Weight Chart .


EN 10028 P235GH Plate Weight chart
Thickness Theoretical weight
(mm) (kg/m²)
10 78.6 kg/m²
8 62.8 kg/m²
6 47.16 kg/m²
11 86.35 kg/m²
9 70.65 kg/m²
12 94.2 kg/m²
7 54.95 kg/m²
14 109.9 kg/m²
13 102.1 kg/m²
15 117.75 kg/m²
18 141.3 kg/m²
44 345.4 kg/m²
16 125.6 kg/m²
20 157 kg/m²
24 188.4 kg/m²
22 172.7 kg/m²
25 196.25 kg/m²
28 219.8 kg/m²
26 204.1 kg/m²
30 235.5 kg/m²
34 266.9 kg/m²
35 274.75 kg/m²
32 251.2 kg/m²
36 282.6 kg/m²
40 314 kg/m²
38 298.3 kg/m²
42 329.7 kg/m²


P265gh vs P235gh

Mechanical qualities are the main distinction between these two classes.

  • it has better elongation characteristics than P265gh.
  • The min yield strength of P235gh is 235 MPa, with a min tensile strength of 360 to 480 MPa. The P265gh grade has a min yield strength of 265 MPa and a min tensile strength of 410 to 530 MPa.


Thickness of P235GH Plate
min Thickness (mm) Maximum Thickness (mm)
6 mm 150 mm
6 mm 100 mm
6 mm 60 mm
6 mm 120 mm
6 mm 150 mm
6 mm 100 mm
8 mm 40 mm
6 mm 150 mm
5 mm 100 mm
6 mm 150 mm
6 mm 150 mm
8 mm 30 mm
6 mm 100 mm
6 mm 150 mm
5 mm 100 mm
6 mm 150 mm
8 mm 30 mm
6 mm 150 mm
6 mm 100 mm


Get the Local reference about material quality in your place of Living
Thermo-Mechanical Rolled P235gh Steel Plates to En10028-2
Thermo-Mechanical Rolled P235gh Steel Plates to En10028-2
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Saudi Arabia
Hot Rolled P235gh Pressure Vessel Steel Plate
Hot Rolled P235gh Pressure Vessel Steel Plate
CPC Corporation, Taiwan
Hot Rolled P235gh High Pressure Vessel Steel Plate 20mm
Hot Rolled P235gh High Pressure Vessel Steel Plates 20mm
Amur GPP, Russia


S235Jr vs P235gh
  • S235Jr is a structural steel grade, whereas P235gh is a pressure vessel steel grade.
  • When compared to typical P235gh steel grades, S235Jr steel components have somewhat higher strength.


P235 gh steel plate Size Range
Diameter Thickness
18 in. OD 7/8 in. 10 in. -0 in.
20 in. OD 1/2 in. 12 in.-0 in.
20 in. OD 1 in. 10 in.-0 in.
18 in. OD 1-1/4 in. 4 in.-0 in.
20 in. OD 2 in. 3 in.-0 in.
24 in. OD 2-3/4 in. 10 in.-0 in.
30 in. OD 3/4 in. 12'-0 in.
30 in. I.D. 4-1/2 in. 5 in.-0 in.
24 in. OD 3 in. 6 in.-0 in.
60 in. I.D. 7 in. 12 in.-0 in.
30 in. I.D. 4 in.
48 in. I.D. 6-1/8 in.
72 in. I.D. 9 in.
84 in. I.D. 10 in. 10 in.-0 in.
90 in. I.D. 12 in. 7 in.-0 in.


P235GH Plate is in stock, and we strive to dispatch all cut-to-size stock goods within 1-3 days.


Application of P235gh Boiler Steel Plates
  • chemical industry
  • manufacturing pressure vessels, boilers, and heat exchangers
  • power station
  • use to make spiral case, high pressure pipe and other equipment
  • petroleum industry



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