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S355J2G3 Plate

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S355J2G3 Plate


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Looking for specific size in EN 10025 S355J2G3 Plates ? As Stockist keep stock of S355j2g3+n Material with Price List.


S355J2G3 Plate


What Type Of S355j2g3 Plate Supplier Do You Need?
  • Yes, Sambhav Pipes has been supplying s355j2g3 material for a long time.
  • All sizes and wall thicknesses are in stock, so you can get your materials right away.
  • There is no minimum order quantity; we would gladly deliver a single 1.0570 Structural Steel Plate.


What is S355j2g3 Equivalent Indian Standard

The S355j2g3 Equivalent Indian Standard are DIN 17100 St 52-3 N, UNI 7070 Fe 510 D, BS 4360 50 D, UNE 36.080 AE 355 D.


What is S355J2G3 Plate ?

The S355J2G3 Plate material can be described as a non-alloy structural steel, which is manufactured in accordance with the EN 10025:1990 standards. The s355j2g3+n material comes with a high fabricability, and cutting them according to the design requirements of the client is very easy. The s355j2g3 material is also known for showing excellent resistance to corrosion and they can withstand a wide range of severe environments, including both oxidizing and reducing ones.

The 1.0570 S355j2g3 steel grade is also effectively used in the marine industries, as they can resist chloride related stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion. The Steel S355j2g3 steel grade also possesses good impact strength, and they are readily weldable. One of the best things about the S355j2g3 1.0570 material is that they can retain their characteristics even at sub-zero temperatures. The S355j2g3n plates are lightweight, durable, and hence they can last really long.


What is S355j2g3 Material Properties

The S355j2g3 Material mechanical properties would include high tensile strength that ranges between 450-680 MPa at 20 degrees C, and high yield strength ranging between 275-355 MPa at 20 degrees C. The good mechanical properties along with its physical properties like resistance, durability, reliability, light weightedness, good performance at low temperatures, etc., makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. It is because of these characteristics that the material is effectively used in the marine industries.


DIN 1.0570 Plate Price
Description Price
S355j2g3 Carbon Steel Plates US$ 820-880 / Ton
S355j2g3 Steel Plates 0.3mm Thick US$ 700-800 / Ton
S355j2g3 Hot Rolled Mild Carbon Steel Plates US$ 680-780 / Ton
Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plates S355j2g3 US$ 450-700 / Ton
Hot Rolled Low Alloy High Strength S355j2g3 Steel Plates US$ 499-599 / Ton
S355j2g3 Low Alloy Steel Plates US$ 699-799 / Ton
S355j2g3 25mm Thick Mild Steel Plates US$ 650-700 / Ton


Specification of S355j2g3n Plate
Item S355J2G3 - Offshore & Structural Steel Plates
Technique hot rolled
Thickness 5mm-150mm
Width 1000mm-4500mm
Length 3000mm-18000mm or as custom’s request
Standard EN 10025-2:2004
Material S355J2G3 Steel Plates, En 10025-2 Steel Plate


stocking distributors of S355J2G3 Carbon Steel Plate in almost any size or quantity can be Supply with short lead times.see S355j2g3 Chemical Composition


Various Types of Steel S355j2g3 Plate
S355j2g3n Plate
S355j2g3n Plates
S355j2G3 Material
S355j2G3 Material
EN 10025-2 S355J2G3 Plate
EN 10025-2 S355J2G3 Plates
DIN 1.0570 Plate
DIN 1.0570 Plates
S355j2G3+N Steel Plate
S355j2G3+N Steel Plates
S355J2G3 Plate
S355J2G3 Plates


S355j2g3 Material Plate Weight Calculator

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we at Sambhav Pipe specialize in offering Hot Rolled Steel Plates S355J2G3, provide the best quality range of S355j2g3n Plates


S355j2g3 vs S355j2+n

The structural steel grades S355j2g3 and S355j2+n are provided under normalised conditions.

  • The main distinction between these two modules is that the S355j2+n grade has a greater impact test result than the other.
  • The S355j2g3 grade has a lower carbon content than the S355j2+n grade, making it more ductile and machinable.


S355j2g3 Chemical Composition












DIN 1.0570

0.55 max.

1.60 max.

0.30 max.

0.20 max.

0.020 max.

0.035 max.

0.30 max.

0.30 max.

0.035 max.

0.45 max.


Do you belong to following locations Please see what we supply here
S355j2g3 High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plate
S355j2g3 High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plate
Asia Petrochemicals Llc, UAE
Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate S355j2g3
Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate S355j2g3
Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore
S355j2g3 Prime Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet
S355j2g3 Prime Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet
Superior Plus Corp, Canada


S355j2g3 Vs S355j2g4

Different grades of the versatile S355j2g structural steel grade include S355j2g3 and S355j2g4. The S355j2g3 grade is supplied in normalised or normalised rolled conditions, which is the main difference between these two grades. The S355j2g4 grade is provided at the discretion of the manufacturer.


S355j2g3 Mechanical Properties



(Mpa) Min Yield Strength


Thickness (mm)

Min Impact Energy

DIN 1.0570


450-600 Mpa

285 -295Mpa


101 -200



450-630 Mpa

315 -355 Mpa


8 -100



450-600 Mpa

275 Mpa


201 -400



S355j2g3 Equivalent Indian Standard
Grade EN 10025 Material Comparison of steel grades
DIN 1.0570 DIN 17100 St 52-3 N
UNI 7070 Fe 510 D
BS 4360 50 D
UNE 36.080 AE 355 D


1.0570 Material available according to international standards. Before Buy Check Price list and Equivalent Indian Standard


Application of s355j2g3+n Material
  • trailers
  • transmission towers
  • dump trucks
  • freight cars
  • cranes
  • bull dozers
  • excavators


Value Added Services of DIN 1.0570 Plate
  • Rolling under standard NACE MR-0175 (HIC+SSCC)
  • under EN 10204 FORMAT 3.1/3.2 Orginal Mill test certificate Issued
  • Low temperature impacting test
  • Cutting and welding, Shot blasting and Painting, as per customer need
  • Ultrasonic test under ASTM A577, A435, EN 10160, A578



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