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S355J2W+N Plates

Corten Steel EN10025-5 S355J2W N Plate Supplier at Lowest Price, Supply High Quality S355j2w n plates Material With Outstanding Performance


S355J2W+N Plates


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We hold DIN 1.8965 Plates in stock as a stockist; learn more about S355j2w N Equivalent Indian Standard/ Chemical Composition


S355J2W+N Plates


What is S355j2w+n Welding ?

Welding of S355j2w+nThe  S355j2w+n material has good weldability, and thus they can be welded, both automatically and manually using the standard procedures. It may be welded using typical welding processes and colour matching fillers of high strength. If only a single weld is required during the welding process, conventional electrodes covering E7018 and ER70S-6 are used.

When numerous passes are required, any nickel alloyed filler metal can be utilised to repair these components. To achieve optimal welds, the modules must be preheated before beginning the welding process.


What is S355j2w+N properties?

The S355j2w+N grade is a structural steel which offers good weather resistance. Unlike the unalloyed steels used in constructions, this grade leads to the formation of a barrier or layers when the material comes in contact with a reducing environment.

It offers good corrosion resistance and thus can be used in moderately corrosive environments. It is also used in streamline environments containing high levels of chlorides and halides.


What is S355J2W+N Plates ?

The S355J2W+N Plates are weather-resistant structural steel, which when exposed to reducing conditions, leads to the formation of a barrier. The S355j2w n plates are known for their high corrosion resistance, and thus, they can be effectively used in mildly corrosive situations. The S355J2W+N Steel Plates also show great resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in addition to the alloying components.

The S355J2W Sheet has high tensile, yield, creep, and stress-to-rupture strength. They are also known for resisting atmospheric corrosion in reducing situations. The S355j2W Steel Plates can also effectively withstand intergranular attacks. It is important to buy the S355J2W Weathering Steel Plate from reputable manufacturers, as they would offer a good quality product at a reasonable price.

The products made with the EN10025 S355J2W+N material can also be customized in terms of their shape, size, dimension, and surface finishes, according to the requirements given by the clients. The S355J2 W+N Sheet is used for a wide range of applications in industries like petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and many more.


What is S355j2w N Equivalent Indian Standard ?

The S355j2w N Equivalent Indian Standard is S355J2W.


Specification of s355j2w n plates
  • Standard : A242 / SA242, ASTM A588/ASME SA588
  • Width : 1500 - 4050mm
  • Length : 3000 - 15000mm
  • Thickness : 6 - 200mm
  • Type : High-Strength Low-alloy Structural /Corten Steel
  • Process : Hot-Rolled (HR)


S355j2w N Equivalent Indian Standard
EN CORTEN Material
EN 10025-5:2004 Corten B S355J2W


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We Stock of S355J2W+N Steel Plate below brand

S355J2W+N Steel Plate


S355j2w+n Price In India
Description Price
S355j2w Weather Resistant Steel Plate US$ 800-809 / Ton
Corten Steel S355J2W+N Plates
US$ 800-809 / Ton
EN10025-5 S355J2W+N Plates
US$ 700-1300 / Ton
S355J2 W+N Sheet
US$ 700-1300 / Ton
S355J2W N Plates
US$ 800-809 / Ton


Frequently Used S355J2W+N Plates Types
DIN 1.8965 Plate
DIN 1.8965 Plate
EN10025-5 S355J2W+N Steel Plate
EN10025-5 S355J2W+N Steel Plate
S355J2W Sheet
S355J2W Sheet
S355J2W N Plates
S355J2W N Plates
S355J2W+N Plates
S355J2W+N Plates
S355J2W+N Steel Plates
S355J2W+N Steel Plates


S355J2 W+N Sheet Weight Calculator

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S355J2 W+N Sheet For Sale, Please contact us for a material test certificate and a sample.


S355j2w+n Properties


Nominal Thickness (mm) >3 <100 >3 >100 <150
  470/630 510/680 MPA 450/600


Thickness (mm) >16 <40 <16 MIN. MPA >40 <63 >80 <100 >63 <80 >100 <150
  345 355 335 315 325 295


Application of S355J2W+N Corten Steel Plate
  • Transport Tanks
  • Steel Sculptured Buildings
  • External Wall Claddings of Buildings
  • Weather Strips
  • Welded Structures
  • Gas Flue and Aesthetic Facias
  • Freight Container


See Who buy from Sambhav Pipes and What exactly ?
S355j2wn Steel Plate
S355j2wn Steel Plate
Woodside Petroleum, Australia
Weathering S355j2w A242 Corrosion Resistant Corten Steel Plate
Weathering S355j2w A242 Corrosion Resistant Corten Steel Plate
Eastman, Malaysia
En10025 S355j0w/S355j2w Metal Sheet
En10025 S355j0w/S355j2w Metal Sheet
Premier Oil, United Kingdom


EN10025 S355J2W+N Material is available in a variety of cut-to-length lengths, according on the needs of the client.


S355j2w+n Chemical Composition
Cr 0.40/0.80
C 0.16
Mn 0.50/1.50
Si 0.50
S 0.030
P 0.030
N 0.009
Cu 0.25/0.55



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