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S460mc Steel Plate

EN 10149-2 S460MC Plate Supplier at Lowest Price, Supply High Quality S460 Mc Material With Outstanding Performance


S460mc Steel Plate


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We hold DIN 1.0982 Sheet in stock as a stockist; learn more about S460mc Material Equivalent/Properties.


S460mc Steel Plate


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S460mc Material Properties

The S460mc Material Properties are as follows:

  1. It possesses high yield strength
  2. It has excellent repeatability, bendability, and cutting characteristics.
  3. It is highly weldable and hence can be welded using all standard procedures.
  4. They are hot rolled material which comes with some excellent engineering properties.


S460mc Hardness

The S460mc material is available in a wide range of Hardness like soft, hard, quarter hard, half hard, and so on.


What is S460mc Steel Plate ?

The S460mc Steel Plate is mainly used for cold-forming steels and they possess high yield strength. They possess some excellent mechanical properties, which is why they are used in industries like automobiles, aerospace vehicles, offshore oil and gas, floating production storage, etc. The S460 Mc material is also used for fabricating pressure vessels, heat exchangers, etc.The S460mc Steel material is quite hard due to the addition of carbon in its chemical composition. The carbon generally reduces its toughness and hardness, but might also reduce its strength.


S460mc Vs Ams 6359

The S460mc material has high yield strength for the cold forming steels. They have a number of excellent features like high longevity, durability, flawless finish, resistance to corrosion, and so on. They are highly performing and can be used for several load bearing applications.
The Ams 6359 material is a wrought alloy metal which needs heat treatment. This is a deep-hardening construction steel and it can obtain uniform hardness through proper heat treatment. It maintains high strength and hardness at elevated temperatures.


What is Hardness of S460MC Plate?

The Hardness of S460MC Plate, the high yield strength grade ranges between 220 t0 240 HBW.


S460mc Steel Plate Price
Description Price
Low Alloy High Strength S460mc Steel Plate US $599 / Ton
S460mc High Yield Strength for Cold Forming Steel Plate US $1450 / Ton
S460mc Hot Rolled Alloy Steel Sheet  US $599 / Ton
EN 10149-2 S460MC Plates
 US $800 / Ton
S460MC steel plate
US $599 / Ton
DIN 1.0982 Plates
US $1450 / Ton
S460mc Steel
 US $599 / Ton
S460 Mc Plate
 US $800 / Ton
S460mc Material US $599 / Ton


Stocking Distributors of below Manufacturer

Stocking Distributors of below Manufacturer


Specification of S460 Mc Plate
Grade EN 10149-2 S460MC DIN 1.0982
Standard ASME, ASTM and API
Specialize Perforated Sheet, Shim Sheet, B. Q. Profile.
Size 2500 - 12500 MM LENGTH, 1000 - 2500 MM WIDTH, 0.5 - 200 MM THICK
Finish Hot rolled plate (HR), 2D, Cold rolled sheet (CR), 2B, BA NO(8), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated)
Form Coils, Shim Sheet, Foils, Plain Sheet, Rolls, Ring (Flange), Perforated Sheet, Chequered Plate, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle)
Hardness Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard etc.


Sambhav Pipes is a oldest EN 10149-2 Grade S460MC Plates Supplier in India based in Mumbai, check Hardness.


various Types of EN 10149-2 S460MC Plates
EN 10149-2 Grade S460MC Plates
EN 10149-2 Grade S460MC Plates
DIN 1.0982 Plates
DIN 1.0982 Plates
S460MC Construction Strength steel plate
S460MC Construction Strength steel plate
EN 10149-2 S460MC Plates
EN 10149-2 S460MC Plates
S460mc Steel Plate
S460mc Steel Plate
S460 Mc Material
S460 Mc Material



S460mc Hardness

This high yield strength grade has a better Brinell hardness of 220 to 240 HBW.


S460mc Steel Equivalent

Material : 1.0982
Comparison of grades
ASTM Gr.65
SEW092 QStE 460TM
BS 50F45


Weight of S460mc Steel Plate
Thickness weight
0.2 1.57 kg/m²
0.25 1.96 kg/m²
0.4 3.14 kg/m²
0.45 3.53 kg/m²
0.35 2.75 kg/m²
0.3 2.36 kg/m²
0.6 4.71 kg/m²
0.65 5.1 kg/m²
0.5 3.93 kg/m²
0.55 4.32 kg/m²
0.8 6.28 kg/m²
1.5 11.78 kg/m²
0.9 7.07 kg/m²
0.7 5.5 kg/m²
0.75 5.89 kg/m²
1.2 9.42 kg/m²
1.6 12.56 kg/m²
1.3 10.21 kg/m²
1 7.85 kg/m²
1.1 8.64 kg/m²
1.7 13.35 kg/m²
1.4 10.99 kg/m²
2.8 21.98 kg/m²
2.2 17.27 kg/m²
2 15.7 kg/m²
1.8 14.13 kg/m²
3.2 25.12 kg/m²
2.5 19.36 kg/m²
3 23.55 kg/m²


S460 Mc Weight Calculator

Please enter values then click on Calculate.

Length (inches) =
Width (inches) =
Thickness (inches) =
Weights (pounds) =

All are estimates; actual may differ.


High Yield Strength EN 10149-2 S460mc Steel Plate For Sale, Please contact us for a material test certificate and a sample. see density/thickness


EN 10149-2 Grade S460MC Plates Density

It is designed with a 7850 kg/m3 density.


DIN 1.0982 Plates Thickness
Thickness 2mm to 13 mm


Take the reference of our quality and timely delivery from our clients in following country
S460MC steel plate
S460MC steel plate
Automotive Lighting Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
S460MC Construction Strength steel plate
S460MC Construction Strength steel plate
SNAM, Saudi Arabia
EN 10149-2 S460MC Plates
EN 10149-2 S460MC Plates
Suhail Bahwan Automobiles LLC, Oman


S460mc Material Properties
  Lo=5,65√So(%) A-Minimum elongation Rm-Tensile strength (Mpa) (mm)thickness Nominal (Mpa) ReH-Minimun yield strength (mm) thickness Nominal Lo=Lo=80mm(%) A-Minimum elongation 
17 520-670 From3 460 to3 14


DIN 1.0982 Sheet Dimensions


EN 10051

EN 10149-2




T: 2 to 13 mm
W: Up to 1800 mm
L: Up to 16000 mm


Carbon Equivalent Values of S460mc

Carbon Equivalent Values of S460mc

CEV Typical 0.29
Thickness 2.00-3.00
CET Typical 0.20


S460mc Material is available in a variety of cut-to-length lengths, according on the needs of the client.


S460 Mc Material  Impact Properties
Test Temperature Designation Min. Impact Energy for logitudinal charpy v-notch test
-20° C
40 J
-40° C
27 J


EN 10149-2 S460mc Steel Plate Application
  • Automobile industry
  • aerospace vehicle structures
  • aircraft structures
  • propeller components
  • weapons structural parts
  • card wheel hub


S460mc Steel Mechanical Properties
Grade A-Minimum elongation  Lo=Lo=80mm(%) Rm-Tensile strength(Mpa) thickness Nominal (mm) ReH-Minimun yield strength(Mpa) A-Minimum elongation  Lo=5,65√So(%) thickness Nominal (mm)
EN 10149-2 S460MC 14 520-670 to3 460 17 From3



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