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S500MC Steel Plate

EN 10149-2 Grade S500MC High Tensile Steel Plates Supplier, are available in India at competitive costs, see thickness and weight


S500MC Steel Plate


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Why pay more when you can get exact size in DIN 1.0984 plate? See S500mc Steel Equivalent Astm/Dimensions for further information.


S500MC Steel Plate


Thing To Remember Before Buying Material
  • Only buy from reputable and well-known suppliers; never buy from someone you've never heard of.
  • Why buy any Chinese make when you can get Aperam made Steel Plate in India at dealer prices?
  • before buy check Material DIN 1.0984 thickness, sizes, and price per kg in India
  • Always ask your supplier for proof of origin. At Sambhav Pipes, we supply material origin and MTC along with an estimate for the requested item, as well as information on our international clients to whom we have provided services.


What is S500mc Steel Plate Thickness ?

The rectangular S500mc Steel Plate with high tensile strength comes with a thickness of 50 mm.


What is S500MC Steel Plate ?

The S500MC steel plate material can be described as a hot rolled structural steel, which is particularly used for the cold formed components. The Steel S500mc products are particularly used for load bearing, and some suitability is needed to be made during the procurement stage. The Material S500mc is used for a wide range of applications which includes frames, structural beams, etc.

The S500mc Material is known for its high weldability, but no heat treatment should be given on it as that can impact its yield strength. The S500mc Steel products are offered by the manufacturers in customizable shapes, sizes, and can be made according to the specific requirements given by the client.


What is S500mc Steel Equivalent Astm?

The S500mc Steel is equivalent to ASTM X70XLK steel grades.


S500mc vs P235gh

The S500mc is the specification for a hot rolled low alloy steel, which possesses high strength. It comes with excellent properties, such as high formability and consistent quality. It is widely used in safety-critical applications, wherein high strength is an essential feature. The steel grade can be found in cranes, earthmoving equipment, automotive chassis components, etc.
The P235gh is an european specification of steel which is mostly used in boilers, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers. They are ideally used for applications taking place at an elevated temperature. The material is also used in the fabrication process of different materials which are found in the equipment of industries like petrochemical, oil and gas, etc.


What are Material Properties of S500mc?

The Material Properties of S500mc would include:

  1. High strength
  2. High formability
  3. High weldability


Specification of S500mc Material
  • Thickness: 2.4mm to 16mm
  • Width:  900mm to 1850mm
  • Length: 2000mm to 12000mm


S500mc Steel Plate Price
Description Price
S500mc High Strength Steel Plates US$ 1000 / Ton
Hot Rolled S500mc High Strength Sheet US$ 499-599 / Ton
Plates S500mc US$ 990 / Ton
S500mc Steel Plates 6m Long for Building Material US$ 700-800 / Ton
En10249-2 S500mc Hot Rolled Carbon Plates US$ 800-1000 / Ton
S700mc 4-15mm Hot Rolled High Strength Sheet US$ 800-1000 / Ton


Weight of EN 10149-2 Grade S500MC Plates
Theoretical Weight Thickness(mm) Theoretical Weight
Kg/m2 Kg/ft2 Kg/ft2 Kg/m2
9.420 0.875 1.2 5.470 58.875
6.280 0.583 0.80 4.011 43.175
5.888 0.547 0.75 3.646 39.250
7.850 0.729 1.0 4.740 51.025
7.065 0.656 0.90 4.376 47.100
10.205 0.948 1.3 5.834 62.800
8.635 0.802 1.1 5.105 54.950
14.915 1.386 1.9 10.916 117.500
10990 1.021 1.4 6.928 74.575
13.345 1.240 1.7 8.751 94.200
17.270 1.604 2.2 12.398 133.450
11.775 1.094 1.5 7.293 78.500
19.625 1.823 2.5 13.856 149.150
12.560 1.167 1.6 8.387 90.275
14.130 1.313 1.8 10.210 100.900
31.400 2.917 4.0 16.044 172.700
15.700 1.459 2.0 11.669 125.600
23.550 2.188 3.0 14.586 157.000
18.055 1.677 2.3 13.127 141.300
27.475 2.553 3.5 15.315 164.850
35.325 3.282 4.5 18.232


We have bulk stock of Material S500mc in our stockyard as a stockist, contact us for a price, see Specification.


Basic Types of S500mc Steel Plate
S500mc Plate
S500mc Plates
EN 10149-2 Grade S500MC Plates
EN 10149-2 Grade S500MC Plates
S500MC Hot Rolled Sheet
S500MC Hot Rolled Sheet
S500mc Material
S500MC Material
S500MC Steel Plate
S500MC Steel Plates
DIN 1.0984 plate
DIN 1.0984 plates


EN 10149-2 S500MC steel plate Dimensions
  • EN 10051
  • EN 10149-2
  • W: Up to 1800 mm
  • T: 2 - 13 mm
  • L: Up to 16000 mm


Thickness of DIN 1.0984 plate

The thickness of these plates is greater than 6mm and can reach 10mm or more.

S500MC Plate Weight Calculator

Please enter values then click on Calculate.

Length (inches) =
Width (inches) =
Thickness (inches) =
Weights (pounds) =

All are estimates; actual may differ.


S500MC Hot Rolled High Tensile Sheets are offered in India at dealer prices with fast delivery and specific sizes.


Take the reference of our quality and timely delivery from our clients in following country
S550mc Auto Beam Steel Sheet
S550mc Auto Beam Steel Sheet
KTC Group, Singapore
Hot /Cold Rolled Steel Sheet S500mc
Hot /Cold Rolled Steel Sheet S500mc
KONE Engineering, Hong Kong
High Strength Steel Sheet S500mc 4-15mm
High Strength Steel Sheet S500mc 4-15mm
Dutco Balfour Beatty LLC., Dubai


Steel S500mc Density
Quantity Unit Value
Density kg/m3 8000 - 8000


Material S500mc Equivalent Astm
EN 10149-2 Number:1.0984 Comparison of  grades
UNI8890 FeE490TM
NFA36-231 E490D
SEW092 QStE 500TM
BS1449 -


We have a large supply of Steel S500mc Plate and can provide S500mc Material to meet your needs.


Mechanical Properties of DIN 1.0984 plate
Tensile (MPa) Yield (MPa) Elongation
≥ 3mm < 3mm
550-700MPa ≥ 500MPa ≥ 14% ≥ 12%


S500mc Material Chemical Composition

Al (min) C P Mo Si S Mn V Nb Ti B
0.015 0.12 0.025 - 0.50 0.015 1.70 0.20 0.09 0.15 -


DIN 1.0984 plate Application
  • as cold rolled steel sections
  • structural beams
  • frames




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