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S650MC High Yield Structural Steel Plate

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S650MC High Yield Structural Steel Plate


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S650MC High Yield Structural Steel Plate


Adavantages/disadvantages of S650MC Steel Plate

The advantages of S650MC material would include:

  1. Good formability, which means the material can be given different types of shapes.
  2. Excellent welding performance. The material can be welded easily using standard procedures.
  3. It possesses good toughness especially at low temperatures
  4. The material possesses high strength, like high yield strength of 650 MPa and high tensile strength, which ranges between 700-800 MPa.

The primary disadvantage of the material is its limitation when it comes to the available plate thickness.


What is S650MC High Yield Structural Steel Plate ?

The S650MC High Yield Structural Steel Plate possesses superior strength and tolerance due to its excellent mechanical properties, especially high yield strength. The s650mc material possesses a very high yield strength of 650 MPa, which helps to enhance the load bearing capacity of the module, without putting any additional pressure. The material is available in different forms, shapes, and sizes, and they can be customized according to the requirements specified by the clients. They are also offered in different finishes according to the environments where it will be used.


What is s650mc material properties ?

The s650mc material is a hot-rolled low alloy steel which has a high strength. It possesses excellent formability and always maintains consistent quality. They are also known for their high weldability which helps in fast and efficient processing. The material is usually used in applications which require high strength.They are primarily used in load bearing equipment and hence are highly demanded across several industries. The material is customizable and available with the manufacturers at competitive prices.


What is s650mc density ?

The  s650mc density is 7.8 g/cm3.


S650mc Specification
Material Strenx 650
Standards EN 10149-2, EN 10051, EN 10163-2
Thickness 2.00 to 10.00 milimeter
Width up to 1600 milimeter
Length Up to 16000 milimeter


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Price of S650MC High Yield Structural Steel Plate
Description Price
Low Carbon Steel High Strength Steel Plates S650mc for Cranes Material  US$ 800-1200 / Ton
S650mc Pickling Sheet US$ 300-1000 / Ton
Steel Plates S650mc Hot Rolled US$ 300-1000 / Ton
Strenx 650 Hot Rolled High Strength Steel Plates US$ 499-599 / Ton
DIN S650mc Auto Beam Steel Sheet US$ 800-809 / Ton
S650mc Hot Rolled Steel Plates US$ 960 / Ton
En10149-2 S650mc Hot Rolled High Yield Strength 3mm Thick Steel Plate US$ 800-1200 / Ton
Plate Strenx 650 Low Carbon US$ 600-800 / Ton


S650mc Plate Size
  • Width:  900 to 1600mm
  • Thickness: 2 to 8mm
  • Length: 2000 to 12000mm


Stocking Distributors of below

Stocking Distributors


As a stockholder, we have EN 10149-2 S650MC Steel Plate in a variety of widths and thicknesses in stock. For more information, see S650mc Plate Weight.


Weight of EN 10149-2 S650MC steel plate
Thickness (mm) Weight Theoretical Weight Theoretical
Kg/m2 Kg/ft2 Kg/ft2 Kg/m2
0.90 7.065 0.656 4.376 47.100
0.80 6.280 0.583 4.011 43.175
0.75 5.888 0.547 3.646 39.250
1.0 7.850 0.729 4.740 51.025
1.9 14.915 1.386 10.916 117.500
1.2 9.420 0.875 5.470 58.875
1.6 12.560 1.167 8.387 90.275
1.4 10990 1.021 6.928 74.575
2.2 17.270 1.604 12.398 133.450
1.3 10.205 0.948 5.834 62.800
1.7 13.345 1.240 8.751 94.200
1.5 11.775 1.094 7.293 78.500
1.1 8.635 0.802 5.105 54.950
2.3 18.055 1.677 13.127 141.300
1.8 14.130 1.313 10.210 100.900
3.5 27.475 2.553 15.315 164.850
2.0 15.700 1.459 11.669 125.600
2.5 19.625 1.823 13.856 149.150
3.0 23.550 2.188 14.586 157.000
4.0 31.400 2.917 16.044 172.700


Most Frequently used Types of S650MC steel plate
EN 10149-2 Strenx 650MC Steel Plate
EN 10149-2 Strenx 650MC Steel Plates
S650mc Plate
S650mc Plates
High Yield Strength Plates In Grade S600MC
High Yield Strength Plates In Grade S650MC
S650mc Material
S650mc Material
S650MC High Yield Structural Steel Plate
S650MC High Yield Structural Steel Plates
S650MC Steel Plate
S650MC Steel Plates


Strenx 650 Plate Weight Calculator

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Length (inches) =
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All are estimates; actual may differ.


Distributes Strenx 650mc High-strength Structural Steel Plate as well as related processing services.


S650mc Density

The density of this high-strength structural grade is 7.8 kg/cm3.


Dimensions of Strenx 650 MC Sheet
Assortment Thickness (mm) Width (mm) for ID of Coils Length (mm)
Plates Cutting Edge 1.02 - 25.04 650 - 1850 2000 ~12000
Mill Edge 700 - 1900
Coil Cutting Edge 1.02 to 25.04 650 - 1850 2000 ~12000
Mill Edge 700 - 1900
Steel Strip 1.02 to 12.07 180 - 900


S650mc Steel Equivalent

Equivalent grades are DIN 1.8976, ISO Fe4650, and EN 1.8976.

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Nouryon, Netherlands


We have ready stock of S650mc material, and we try to ship all cut-to-size stock items within 1-3 days.


Test Method of S650mc Material

A, Number of test

method of Test

Pilot projects

methods of Sampling

Each furnace

GB/T223 or GB/T4335

Chemical analysis




Stretching test




Bending test



S650mc Mechanical Properties


tensile strength


Yield Strength(MPa)






Chemical Composition of S650MC plates
























Impact Properties of S650mc Plate
for longitudinal testing Min. impact energy Grade
40 J/-20 °C D
27 J/-40 °C E


Strenx 650 Plate Application
  • load bearing beams
  • frames of steels
  • pipework


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