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S690QL Steel Plate

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S690QL Steel Plate


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S690QL Steel Plate


What is S690QL Steel Plate ?

The S690QL Steel Plate is a low alloy, high strength structural steel that possesses good weldability and bending properties. The S690QL Steel Plate is known for some of its great mechanical properties, which include high yield strength, tensile strength and versatility. The En 10025 6 S690ql material is often used by designers as it helps to reduce the overall weight of a structure. The S690ql Suppliers supply the products in various industries, such as offshore oil drilling, mining, energy, material handling, and many more. They ensure to offer the Weldox 700

in high quality at a competitive price range. The En 10025 6 2004 products can be customized according to the specific requirements of the client. The Strenx S690ql is strong, light and very sustainable. They come with superior bendability and are quite easy to cut mechanically. Due to all these properties, the S690ql Plates Stockist keeps a good stock of the concerned products in standard sizes and designs.


What is density of s690ql steel ?

The steel in a flat state has a density of 7.84 g/cm³ at a temperature of around 20 degrees C, in a quenched and tempered condition.


weldox 700 vs strenx 700

Weldox 700 and Strenx 700 are the same. In fact Weldox was rebranded as Strenx in 2015. It is a general structural steel which comes with a min yield strength of 650-700 MPa, the exact numbers depend on the thickness of the material. They are typically used in the load bearing structures.


What is welding Procedure of welding s690ql steel ?

The steel is joined by the process of friction stir welding (FSW).


What are Properties of Ste 690 Steel Properties ?

The 690 Steel Properties would include high mechanical properties, including good overall strength and versatility. They are mostly used in structures that are subjected to extreme load like heavy construction equipment. They are also used in the supporting structure for wind turbines, trestles, and also railway bridges.


Specification of S690QL Steel Plate
  • Width : 1,500mm to 2,500mm
  • Thickness : 8mm to 50 mm
  • Length : 6,000mm to 12,000mm
  • Heat Treatment : Q+T(quenched and Tempered )
  • Grade : A709-100, S690QL EN10137-2 EN10025-6:2004, NAXTRA 70, DILLIMAX 690, E690, WELDOX 700, ALFORM 700, JFE HITEN 780LE, S690 QL, S690 Q, S690 QL 1


S690ql Plate Price
Description Price
ASTM S690ql High Strength Hot Rolled Alloy Plates US $ 1000-1500 / Ton
S690ql, 1.8928, DIN Tste690V High-Strength Fine-Grain Plates US $ 800-1000 / Ton
High-Strength Steel Plates S690ql En10025 Hot Rolled US $ 680 / Ton
S690ql High Strength Plates for Structure US $ 499-599 / Ton
S690ql Low Alloy Steel Plates US $ 500-850 / Ton
S690ql Steel Galvanized/Aluminized Hot Rolled Steel Plates US $ 650-1000 / Ton
S690ql High Strength Sheet US $ 99-399 / Piece


En 10025 6 S690ql Grade Designation 
  • L = Low notch toughness testing temperature
  • 690 = minimum yield strength (MPa)
  • S = Structural Steel
  • Q = Quenching & Tempering


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S690ql Plate Thickness

this High Yield Steel Plates come in thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 250mm.


Available Types of S690QL high yield structural steels Plate
Ste 690 Steel Plate
Ste 690 Steel Plates
Strenx S690ql Plate
Strenx S690ql Plates
En 10025 6 S690ql Plate
En 10025 6 S690ql Plates
EN 10025-6 Weldox 700 Sheet
EN 10025-6 Weldox 700 Sheet
S690QL Steel Plate
S690QL Steel Plates
S690ql Plate
S690ql Plates


S690ql Steel Hardness

With a Brinell hardness value of 414HBW, the high-strength S690ql steel grade is created.


Ste 690 Steel Plate Weight Calculator

Please enter values then click on Calculate.

Length (inches) =
Width (inches) =
Thickness (inches) =
Weights (pounds) =

All are estimates; actual may differ.


S690ql Suppliers, Are you having trouble obtaining S690QL High Strength Steel Plates in the sizes you need? we can supply it in custom size


Strenx S690ql Plate V Notch Impact Testing
Grade Sample Orientation @-60°C @-20°C @ 0°C @-40°C
S690 QL Traverse –– 30 J 35 J 27 J
  Longitudinal –– 40 J 50 J 30 J


Weldox 700 Plate Technical Condition
  • Charpy Impact tested at -20 / - 46 DegC.
  • to EN 10204 3.1 / 3.2 MTC acc
  • BQ Plates with IBR form IV
  • as per SA 578 Ultrasonic tested or as per need
  • Furnace Normalised


S690ql Plate Stock list
Standard Min. Thk (milimeter) Grade Max. Thk (milimeter)
EN10025 - 6 6 S890QL 100
Dillinger 6 Dillimax 965 T 100
Dillinger 6 Dillimax 690T 200
Dillinger 6 Dillimax 690 E 150
EN10025 - 6 6 S690QL 200
Dillinger 6 Dillimax 890 T 100
EN10025 - 6 6 S690QL1 150
Dillinger 6 Dillimax 1100 40


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take a look where we supply S690ql Plate
High Strength Steel Plate S690ql En10025-6
High Strength Steel Plate S690ql En10025-6
KPC, Kuwait
S690ql En10025 Hot Rolled High Strength Steel Plate
S690ql En10025 Hot Rolled High Strength Steel Plate
Petrobras, Brazil
S690ql Shipbuilding Steel Plate
S690ql Shipbuilding Steel Plate
Petrofina SA, Belgium


EN 10025-2 S690QL Plates Tolerances on width
  • Tolerances for length, shape, and breadth according to EN 10029.
  • Tolerance for thickness According to EN 10029 Class B, and upon request, stricter tolerances are available.
  • Tolerance for flatness according to EN 10029 Class-N type-H.


Strenx S690ql Applications
  • Steel constructions
  • Machine building
  • Lifting equipment
  • Heavy transportation


S690QL Steel Pate Maximum CEV Values
Maximum CEV in % for nominal product thickness in mm
≤ 50
> 50 ≤ 100
> 100 ≤ 150



En 10025 6 S690ql Equivalent
Grade Country Standards
A709-100 USA ASTM
S690QL EN10137-2 EN10025-6:2004 EUROPE EN
E690T E690TFP S690T FRANCE AFNOR/ NF A36- 204
E690 INTER ISO 4952


S690ql Plate Mechanical Propeties
Steel grade Elongation,
min %
Tensile strength Rm MPa Yield strength ReH MPa Heavy plate thickness mm EN 10025­6: 2004 + A1:2009 Obsolete standard EN 10137­2 1995
S690Q, QL 14 770 – 940 690 6 – 60 S690QL S690QL

EN 10025-2 S690QL Plates Chemical Composition
Si C Mn S P Zr* B Cu Cr N Mo Nb* Ti* Ni V*
0.80 0.20 1.70 0.010 0.020 0.15 0.005 0.50 1.50 0.015 0.70 0.06 0.05 2.0 0.12



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