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S700MC Steel Plate

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S700MC Steel Plate


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S700MC Steel Plate


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What is S700mc Steel Hardness

The S700mc Steel comes with a min yield strength of 700 MPa. Given the mechanical properties, they are ideal for stronger and lighter structures


What is S700mc Steel Density

The S700mc Steel Density is 7.8 g/cm3.


What is S700MC Steel Plate ?

The S700MC Steel Plate can be described as a structural steel plate developed especially for applications requiring high yield strength. They are used for several load bearing applications and the En 10149 2 S700mc material comes with a high welding and forming properties. They have high toughness and hence are used by industries like petrochemical, energy sectors, etc.

The En 10149-2 S700mc material is available in various forms, and their shapes, dimensions, surface finishes, etc., can be customized according to the clients requirements. Due to the good S700mc Material Properties, they are used in heavy-duty applications like earth moving machines, farm machinery, cranes, etc. Users should be careful while buying S700mc High Yield Structural Steel Plate; it is essential to buy the products from a genuine manufacturer who supplies high quality products at a competitive price.


S700mc Vs S690ql

The S700MC Steel is basically a structural steel plate developed especially for applications requiring high yield strength. They are used for several load bearing applications.

The S690ql is a low alloy structural steel which is high in strength and comes with good weldability. They also possess good bending properties. They are a highly versatile product which are mostly used for reducing the weight from various structures.


what are Material Properties of S700mc ?

The Material Properties of S700mc would include high strength, good formability, weldability and efficient processing with consistent quality.


S700mc Steel Specifications
  • Standard: EN 10149-2: 1996
  • Grade : S700MC
  • Thickness:  3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 10 milimeter
  • Lengths: Up to 14 m
  • Widths: 1250 milimeter & 1500 milimeter
  • Number:1.8974
  • Classification: Steels


Strength 700 Steel Plate Price
Description Price
High Strength Hot Rolled Plates S700mc US$ 800-1200 / Ton
Plates Hot Rolled S700mc US$ 600-625 / Ton
S700mc High Strength Plates US$ 680 / Ton
S700mc Low Alloy High Strength Plates US$ 499-599 / Ton
High Strength Platse Hot Rolled En10149-2 S700MC US$ 800-1000 / Ton
S700mc High Yield Strength Plates US$ 800-1200 / Ton
High Strength Sheet S700mc 4-15mm Hot Rolled US$ 800-1000 / Ton
S700mc Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Coil US$ 1150-1450 / Ton
S700mc Alloy Steel Sheet US$ 600-800 / Ton


S700mc Steel Equivalent Astm


EN 10149-2
grades Comparision
NFA36-231 E690D
SEW092 QStE 690TM
UNI8890 -
BS1449 75F70


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Most Common types of S700MC Platess
S700mc High Yield Structural Steel Plate
S700mc High Yield Structural Steel Plates
Strength 700 Steel Plate
Strength 700 Steel Plates
En 10149 2 S700mc Plate
En 10149 2 S700mc Plates
EN 10149-2 Grade S700MC Plates
EN 10149-2 Grade S700MC Plates
S700MC Steel Plate
S700MC Steel Plates
Strenx 700 MC Plates
Strenx 700 MC Plates


En 10149 2 S700mc Plate Hardness

The hardness of S700mc steels ranges from 500 to 627 kg, depending on the processing condition.


S700mc Material Density

The density of S700mc is set at 7850 kg/m3.


Stocking Distributors of below

Stocking Distributors of below


S700MC Plates Weight Calculator

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Sambhav Pipes is a well-known distributor of S700MC High Strength Steel Plates met by International Standards


Tolerance of Strenx 700 MC Structural Steel Plates
Thickness Tolerance
15mm to ≤ 25mm ±.59mm
3mm to ≤ 4mm ±.34mm
8mm to ≤ 10mm ±.46mm
4mm to ≤ 5mm ±.36mm
5mm to ≤ 6mm ±.39mm
6mm to ≤ 8mm ±.42mm
10mm to ≤ 12.5mm ±.50mm
12.5mm to ≤ 15mm ±.53mm


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700mc Pickling Plates Hot Rolled
CarboTech, Germany
Plate S700mc Hot Rolled Steel
Plates S700mc Hot Rolled
Bayer Middle East Fze, UAE
Hot Rolled High Strength Steel S700mc
Hot Rolled High Strength S700mc
Alpek, Mexico


Dimensions of S700MC High Strength Plates


EN 10051
EN 10149-2
EN 10163-2




T: 2 to 10 mm
W: Up to 1600 mm
L: Up to 16000 mm


We can provide you with all of your S700 MC EN 10149-2 Structural Steel Plate requirements. find Chemical Composition / Specifications here


S700mc Chemical Composition
0.12 0.015 2.1 0.6 0.015 0.09 0.025 0.2 0.5 0.22 0.005


Strenx 700 MC Plates Impact Properties
Grade Min. impact energy for longitudinal testing Charpy V
700MC E 27 J/ - 40oC
700MC D 40 J/ - 20oC


Thickness of S700mc Plate
Strenx® 700
Standard Products
Thickness range
Cold rolled strip Hot rolled strip Plate
Strenx® 700 E Plates --- --- 4 to 160
Strenx® 700MC E Plates --- 2 to 10 ---
Strenx® 700 F Plates --- --- 4 to 130
Strenx® 700 OME Plates --- --- 4 to 130
Strenx® 700MC D Plates --- 2 to 10 ---
Strenx® 700MC Plus Plates --- 3 to12 ---
Strenx® 700 CR Plates 0.07 to 2.01 --- ---


En 10149-2 S700mc Plate Application
  • Earth moving machines
  • Automotive industry
  • Truck chassis assemblies
  • Cranes
  • Farm machinery


S700mc Steel Mechanical Properties
Yield Strenght (MPa) Nominal Thickness (mm) Tensile Strenght (MPa) Elongation A Notch Impact Energy (J) Temperature (°C)
Total Elongation A5% ≥ 3 Total Elongation A80% < 3mm
≥ 700 ≤ 15 750-950 ≥ 12 ≥10 ≥ 27 -20°C


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