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SS400 Plate

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SS400 Plate


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SS400 Plate


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What is SS 400 Material Price

The  SS 400 Material Price is dependent on several factors, including the quality and quantity of the material. It also varies from one manufacturer to the other, and the clients might also get some discounts depending on the quantity of the products purchased.


What is Steel Plate SS400 Thickness Tolerance

The Steel Plate SS400 Thickness Tolerance varies but it must be equal to the tolerance range given in the table below:

Steel thickness tolerances in mm

Thickness (t)

Plate Width (W)<1600






















What is SS400 Plates ?

The SS400 Plate material can be described as a steel grade used for general structure. It is used in various structural applications, like in ships, bridges, etc.The SS400 steel plate has some great features: pressure resistance, heat conditions, and also some good mechanical properties. Different types of customization can be performed on finishing plate ss400, like the surface finish or the dimensions of the product can be altered as per the client’s instructions.

The SS400 Material can be described as a good rolled structural steel, which is used for developing different types of plates. National and international quality standards should be followed in the manufacturing process of SS400 Plate. The hot rolled Mild Steel Ss400 offers reliability and good tensile strength, which is why they are used for a wide range of applications. The Steel Plate SS400 shows good corrosion resisting abilities, and different tests should be performed on them to ensure their functionality and safety. The SS400 Material Specification is such that it is considered ideal for structures like bridges, ships, and so on.


What Is Density Of Mild Steel Ss400

The Density Of Mild Steel Ss400 ranges between 7.8-7.9 g/cm3.


What Is finishing plate ss400 Properties

The Is finishing plate ss400 has many inherited properties which makes it useful in several industries. It has properties like good corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, durability, and the material is quite flexible too.


SS400 Plate Price
Description Price
JIS Standard Hot Rolled High-Strength Carbon Steel Plates (SS400 )  US$ 800-900 / Ton
Mild Steel Plates SS400 US$ 200-400 / Ton
Ss400 Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Metal US$ 700-800 / Ton
Ss400 4X8 Hot Rolled MS Sheet US$ 0.75-0.88 / kg
Steel Plates SS400
 US$ 800-900 / Ton

finishing plate ss400

US$ 200-400 / Ton
Mild Steel Ss400
US$ 700-800 / Ton
JIS G3101 SS400 Mild Plates
US$ 0.75-0.88 / kg


Specification of SS400 steel plate
Grade SS400
Technique Hot rolled
Specification ASTM A283C, JIS G3101, FE 360 B, E24-2, ST37-2
Steel Number 1.0037
Width 1000mm-3000mm
Thickness 1.5mm-200mm
Length 3000mm–12000mm
Value Added Services
  • Metal Processing
  • Grinding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Annealing
  • Flame Cutting
  • Surface Grinding
  • Shearing
Surface Coated or Blasting and painting


Finishing Plate SS400 Weight
47.1 6
62.8 8
39.3 5
31.4 4


Leading Distributors of below Brand

Leading Distributors of below Brand


We provide Steel Plate SS400 in custom sizes at a competitive price, and we can assist you with any SS400 Material requirements.


List of Mild Steel SS400 Plate Types
Mild Steel SS400 Plate
Mild Steel SS400 Plates
SS400 Steel Plate
SS400 Steel Plates
SS400 Material
SS400 Material
Steel Plate SS400
Steel Plate SS400
SS400 Plate
SS400 Plates
Finishing Plate SS400
Finishing Plate SS400



SS400 Material Size
Width 1000mm-3000mm
Thickness 1.5mm-200mm
Length 3000mm–12000mm


Mild Steel Ss400 Plate Thickness Tolerance
Decimal Equiv., Inch Gage No. Tolerance Range, Inch.
HRS Gage 5 Hot Rolled    0.2002 - 0.2182 Inch  0.2092 Inch
HRS Gage 6  0.1853 - 0.2033 Inch  0.1943 Inch
HRS Gage 7  0.1713 - 0.1873 Inch  0.1793 Inch
HRS Gage 4  0.2152 - 0.2332 Inch  0.2242 Inch
HRS Gage 8  0.1564 - 0.1724 Inch  0.1644 Inch
HRS Gage 10  0.1265 - 0.1425 Inch  0.1345 Inch
HRS Gage 11  0.1116 - 0.1276 Inch  0.1196 Inch
HRS Gage 9  0.1415 - 0.1575 Inch  0.1495 Inch
HRS Gage 12  0.0966 - 0.1126 Inch  0.1046 Inch
HRS Gage 18  0.0428 - 0.0528 Inch  0.0478 Inch
HRS Gage 14  0.0677 - 0.0817 Inch  0.0747 Inch
HRS Gage 15  0.0613 - 0.0733 Inch  0.0673 Inch
HRS Gage 13  0.0827 - 0.0967 Inch  0.0897 Inch
HRS Gage 16  0.0538 - 0.0658 Inch  0.0598 Inch
HRS Gage 17  0.0478 - 0.0598 Inch  0.0538 Inch

SS400 Plates Weight Calculator

Please enter values then click on Calculate.

Length (inches) =
Width (inches) =
Thickness (inches) =
Weights (pounds) =

All are estimates; actual may differ.


As JIS G3101 SS400 Mild Steel Plate Suppliers. We Guarantee the Fastest Delivery of Steel Plate SS400 with All Documents, Including Mill Certificate


SS400 Equivalent Indian Material
S235JR EN 10025-2
FE 360 B EN10025:1990
ST37-2 DIN17100
FE 360 B UNI7070
E24-2 NFA 35-501


Equivalent Steel Grade
Japan US European Union ISO China Canada India
Standard Steels Standard Grade Steels Standard Standard Grade Steels Standard Grade (SI) Standard Grade Standard
JIS G3101 SS400 ASTM A36 A36 steel S235 (S235JR) EN 10025-2 ISO 630 S235 Q235 GB/T 700 44W (300W) CSA G40.21 E250 IS 2062


Steel Plate SS400 Dimensions

SS400 Plates Standard Width:

plate Standard width
710 670 600 630 800 750 850 950 900 914
1120 1100 1000 1060 1200 1180 1219 1320 1250 1300
1600 1524 1400 1500 1800 1700 1829 2100 1900 2000
2600 2500 2134 2438 3000 2800 3048      

SS400 Plate Standard Length

plate Standard length (mm)
2438 7000 10000
6000 9000 12192
1829 6096 9144
3048 8000 12000


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You can't seem to find the SS400 Material in the sizes you need? We can provide it in India; for more information, see hs code


Mild Steel SS400 Plates HS Code
HS Code Description
72089000 GRADE JIS G3101 SS400 CARBON STEEL FLAT 75 X 6.00 X 6 M
72089000 GR JIS 3101 SIZE 1 TO 100 MM Thick MATR - T 12 X W 1500 X L 6000 MM CARBON STEEL PLATES
72089000 T 16 X W 1500 X L 6000 MM MATR GR JIS 3101 SS400 SIZE 1 TO 100 MM Thick CARBON STEEL PLATES
72089000 SIZE: 25 TO 150 MM Thick JIS G3101 SS400 CARBON STEEL FLATE


SS400 steel plate Application
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Marine Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries


finishing plate ss400 Mechanical Properties
Thickness Range Yield Strength
ReH [N/mm2] .min.
Notch Impact Energy
1) min Ch V complete sample longitud. [J]
Tensile Strength
Rm [N/mm2]
min Fracture Elongation [%]

t >16mm
t≤ 16mm

225 ReH
235 ReH
20 ° 27J    

t ≥ 3mm
t < 3mm
340-470 Rm
360-510 Rm
Up to 1.5mm
2.51-2.99mm ≥ 3mm


Chemical Composition of ss400 steel plate
Manganese (Mn) max Sulfur (S) max. C≤ max 16mm Silicon (Si) max C> max 16mm Phosphorous (P) max.
1.40 0.045 0.17 0.20 0.045



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